4 Common Body Shapes that Decides What You Need to Wear

Do you know your Body Shape?
You may not realize this, but women everywhere fit into a few limited ‘outlines’ of body shape. Whether you like it or lump it, nurture it or torture it- your body has its own ‘shape’ and (even although all body shapes and sizes are in their own way) you will share the same shape with dozens of other women, all of whom face the same struggles as you do in deciding what to wear!

How to figure out your shape?
First, you need to measure yourself, ladies! Get the old tape measure out and be ready. Hold the tape high on your shoulders and measure all the way around. The tape should be high up that it’s almost slipping off. Next measure all the way to the fullest part of your breast. To measure your waist work around the smallest part of your waist. To measure your hips wrap the tape around the thickest part of your bottom.

Once you’ve measured yourself, you can get a correct reading based on the results.

1. Inverted-Triangle
If your shoulder or bust measurements are over 5% bigger than your hip measurements, then you may be an inverted-triangle! Your wardrobe should be geared towards fitted jackets and clothing that stresses your waist, thus giving you the resemblance of curves on your lower body.

2. Pear
If your hips are over 5% wider than both your bust and your shoulders, then you may be a pear shape. Don’t despair! There is hope for pear-shaped types yet! Try wearing tailored dresses with a little flair in the kick. Pears can still dazzle but should avoid wearing anything that’s too fussy around the hips.

3. Hourglass
The figure we all dream of! The one we would have died to have been born with. In the unlikely event, you find yourself in an hourglass shape confirm it by checking the equations. Is your waist at least 25% smaller than your shoulders and bust? Is your waist 25% smaller than your hips? Are your shoulder and hip measurements only 5% apart? If you meet all of these requirements, you may be an hourglass shape, and you can wear everything you love- you lucky little thing!

4. Rectangle
You poor thing! Rectangles spend their whole lives feeling boyish since their hips and shoulders are within 5% of each other. Rectangles feature few curves and a small bust. You should choose clothes that stress your bosom and flair out at the hips. ‘Floaty’ clothing might still suit you but just watch your sizes… Rectangles own longer limbs than clothing sizes allow.

So there you have it, whether you be an inverted-triangle, pear-shaped, an hourglass or a boyish rectangle- the world of fashion is your oyster. Clothing exists made to measure for all of us, all it takes is a little know how!

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