8 Ways of How to Wear Midi Dresses

How to wear a midi dress and how to accentuate it with other wears such as shoe wears have been amongst some of the common questions asked by fashion enthusiasts. Ever since the midi dress came into the fashion scene many years ago, it has been gaining huge recognition. Market retailers have been seeing the need to stuff their stocks with this piece of wear due to the huge demand it has generated in the market.

Although the midi dress is very common to see nowadays, it is not easy to wear. You need to follow steps regarding donning it lest you will make a bad dressing and inevitably drawing wrong impressions about you.

Before one gets to know how to wear a midi dress, it would be needful to explain what a midi dress is as this would help you get a clearer picture about this wear in case you are yet to come to terms with its meaning.

Literally, a midi dress refers to any dress whose length is a halfway between the knee and ankle. It typically has its hem halfway between the calf and the knee. The midi dress can be worn to radiate some astonishing radiance. Here are some tips on how to wear a midi dress:

1. Determine the Proportion
Height is very important when it comes to donning a midi dress. You are likely to appear stumpy if the hemline of the midi dress cuts at the widest part of your calves. You should opt for a midi dress that hits just above or below mid-calf where the leg is a little slimmer creating the perfect illusion of a longer dress.

2. Choose the Right Footwear
For many people, the right footwear to don the midi dress wear with is challenging when it comes to figuring out the right footwear to put on. but one formula that would help you make the appropriate selection is to consider that the higher the hem of the midi dress, the lower the heel.

This is because midi dress by their design has a tendency making you look short and stumpier. Many people find it distasteful because the hem of the dress cuts across the leg at its widest part.
While wearing a midi dress whose hem is longer your leg needs to be visible to avoid appearing stumpy and short. You should look for high heeled sandal (not too high) whose color would match your midi dress accentuating it impeccably. By going for a sexy high heeled sandal, you would be saving yourself and your feet from the extra burden of wearing clumsy shoes.

If the hem is shorter below the knee you need to go for a longer high heeled sandal or shoe as to avoid to avoid looking like a dwarf.

Avoid ankle boots or shoes with ankle straps as these cut across the leg and break the overall flow of the dress.

3. Make Your Waist Look Attractive
A midi dress can obscure that curvaceous or well-formed waist of yours. You don’t want to hide your nature given endowment while wearing this fashionable piece of ear. Your waist getting hidden in that wear will turn off any attention that comes your way. You can give your waist a definition wearing a belt with the midi dress.

If you are wearing a midi skirt, you should totally avoid tops that hide the waistline or even at the hip. You can also wear cropped jackets or a good leather jacket that can add a cool edge to your outfit. Ensure that you always tuck in with a belt that will make your dress flattering.

4. Know the Coat to Wear
If you are wearing a midi dress especially one with a voluminous skirt, you should avoid coats which are slightly shorter than the dress, especially the ones whose hem lengths are below the knee. You can go for a coat whose hem ends right at the top of your hip or waist. You can also go for a full-length coat. You can also wear a crop top to add some youthful aura to your midi skirt backed up with a pair of sun shades.

5. Choose Style of Midi Dress
The style of midi dress to wear hinge on various factors such as body shape, personal style, and the occasion it will be worn for. Choice of the style of midi dress hugely differs but irrespective of this, it is better to go for a midi dress that is a body-fitted than going for a loose one. A tight styled midi dress with fitted waistlines is more flattering and enthralling than a loose styled. It will reveal every contour of your curves and make onlookers drool over you.

6. Know Your Body
Your midi outfit is a function of the type of body you have. If your calves are meaty, you will be better off with a midi dress with the hem 2-3 inch below the thickest part of your calf. If you have comparatively a thin your calves are not too thick, you will look good with a midi dress whose hem will hit just at the thick part of your calves.

As a petite, the midi dress you should go for should be largely different from other females that have a bigger body. You should opt for a high waist midi. You can match your outfit with crop tops that are above the waist as they will show off a slight skin. Heels will elevate you a little and are perfect side wears of the midi dress for petite. As petite, you should boycott midi dress that would display your hips and wear a belt that won’t draw attention to your waistline.

7. Make the Color Uniform
You can wear the same color of the midi dress (both top and skirt) head-t-toe to create a uniform figure. You can always spice up your look wearing accessories. Steer clear of midi dresses that have fussy designs that make a dent in your frame.

8. Choose a lighter fabric
A midi dress with a lighter fabric won’t add much weight to your outlook. This would make your midi looser allowing adequate ventilation which will prevent you from perspiration more than necessary. Search for a layered midi dress to give you a simple look.

You can make some alterations to your dress yourself and create an inspiring outlook of your outfit. When you are considering wearing a midi dress, the fit of it to your body should be your utmost concern. Every woman with these tips should go ahead and wear her midi dress.

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