9 Reasons Why You Need Some Basics in Your Wardrobe

We all love to try new, sometimes daring, clothing that show the world our cutting-edge fashion sense. It’s exciting to be among the first to show off a new fashion trend to our friends and coworkers. But, let’s face it – sometimes we just want to feel graceful and feminine without a lot of fuss. For that we need to get back to basics. Wardrobe basics, that is.


[su_quote cite=”Island Shop”]No matter what your personal style, it is a smart idea to keep a few wardrobe basics handy.[/su_quote]


Most women, by the time they reach the age of 30, have amassed a collection of wardrobe essentials that they can rely on to see them through any situation in style. From the clean lines of a cool linen shift to the classic versatility of a crisp, white cotton top, a few wardrobe basics can help you establish a sense of effortless elegance. Here are 9 good reasons why you should make an investment in some basic pieces of apparel:


1. They Are the Foundation of Your Personal Style

Your wardrobe is like a house – it may look dazzling now but for it to stand strong over the years, it needs to be built on a solid foundation. It can take years to create your own signature look and to do it right you are going to need some go-to pieces that you can depend on, so you can create a variety of style options. Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe and it pays to have some fashion standards around that hold up well over time. For example, our Chest Pocket Boatneck Linen Top packs a lot of style punch in an assortment of classic shades; pair it with a pair of crisp, white tailored pants for a dressy look at your next social event or with a pair of classic denim shorts for a day at the beach. When you begin with clean lines and versatile neutral colors, there is no end to the looks you can create by adding bold, colorful accessories.


2. They Are a Wise Investment

Clothes are expensive. Instead of wasting a load of money on a lot of trendy fashions, focus on finding a few excellent basics and add touches of rising avante guarde trends for a fresh new look. Classics retain their fashion relevance much longer than trendy fads, making them well worth the expense. It’s important to choose apparel made from quality fabrics that stand the test of time, both in durability and timeless good looks. Instead of spending your money on a lot of cheap items to fill your closet, opt for a few high-quality wardrobe basics that allow you to change your look with accessories. Our A-line Button-Front Sundress will enhance your feminine side for years to come. This will save money and help you gradually upgrade your wardrobe to a whole new level.


3. Classic Elegance is Always in Style

Since the beginning of fashion, it has been inundated with constantly changing fashion trends. How do you know whether the latest fad is a fitting addition to your wardrobe or a total fashion flop? Before you spend a small fortune on clothes that, due to their tiny fashion window, their disappointing fabric quality or both, look for famous examples of unerring taste for your cues. Audrey Hepburn is the embodiment of flawless fashion sense and attention to detail. The image of a young Jackie Kennedy, whether as a dignified hostess at the White House or relaxing with her family in the Hamptons, is indelibly engraved in our minds. She remains resplendent in her simplicity. These images define a timeless elegance that is still very relevant.


4. Simple Elegance Makes a Statement

Though we don’t always think about it, the clothing we wear tells the world a lot about who we are and what we think is important in life. A classically elegant wardrobe tells the world that you value quality and substance over flashiness. It says that we are more interested in permanence than in the latest new thing. It tells the world that you have arrived at a point in your life where you are confident enough about your sense of style that you no longer need to worry about impressing anyone; instead, you are waiting to be impressed. It says that you have an uncompromisingly impeccable style that will not be defined by fickle fashion trends or hidden in mediocrity.


5. They Retain Their Stylish Appeal, While Constantly Looking to the Future

While it is important to build your wardrobe with pieces that are appealing because of their established fashion value, you also want to keep your look up-to-date. To maintain your style integrity, it’s crucial to look for apparel that retains the essence of a fashion classic while adding a touch of something new. Our All Day Dress with Floral Embroidery, in crisp, white linen retains its simple elegance while showing off its classic v-neck with beautiful, striking red embroidery. Or opt for the subtle crystal trim on our Linen Cropped Sleeve Swarovski Accent Blouse for an eye-catching basic as versatile as it is stylish. Exquisite detailing offers a new look for traditional fashions, while still maintaining the original integrity of the lines.


6. They Allow You to Experiment with New Fashion Trends

Been wanting to try something new to spice up your wardrobe without making a huge financial investment? Adding some daring touches to a basic outfit of superior quality can let you sample a variety of trendy looks without breaking the bank. It will help you gather the strength to broaden your fashion horizons if you feel free to make a few possible mistakes without breaking the bank.


7. They Make It Easy to Look Great

No more standing in front of the closet looking for something wear! A few simple wardrobe basics can speed up your morning routine while making sure you always look your best. The classic A-line style of our Back Pleat Detail Sleeveless Dress, with its youthful, over-the-knee length is flattering when paired with flats or heels and provides an effortless style that will get you noticed. Stop stressing over whether you are dressed right for the occasion by relying on a few basic pieces that flatter your figure and your lifestyle and give you the confidence to face life head-on.


8. They Are Stylish, Yet Feminine

There is something about the clean lines of superior-quality linen clothing that will always make you look delicately feminine without a lot of frills. A simple linen shift, like our Embroidered Accent Linen Shift Dress, brings to mind the effortless style and grace of Audrey Hepburn. Flawlessly styled (on-screen and off) and absolutely bursting with life in roles like Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, she exuded a delightfully independent, yet distinctively feminine nature that stood as testament to her alluring charm. After decades, her look is still a standard against which actresses and models are judged.


9. When in Doubt, They Are Always the Right Choice

Attending a business function with your new coworkers and want to make the right impression? Do you want to look great but not like you tried too hard? You will never go wrong with a stylish basic. Dress it up with creative accessories or play it casual; either way, you are sure to dazzle. Let your confidence soar, knowing that you always look just right for the occasion.


No matter what your personal style, it is a smart idea to keep a few wardrobe basics handy. They help establish a firm fashion standard on which you can build your entire wardrobe. The flattering lines subtly assert your unique approach to life and provide a polished backdrop to showcase your personal sense of style.

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