Trivia on Nature Fabric

Island Shop – Sustainable luxe urban resort lifestyle.

Our Vision is to be an internationally acclaimed fashion lifestyle brand.
Our Mission is to champion Global Sustainability via incorporating Eco-Friendly Innovation and Leading Fashion Trends, creating Harmony advocated through the urban luxe resort lifestyle.

Island Shop, since 1993, has been embracing artisanal craftsmanship to bring fashion in a relaxed, comfortable and stylish. Using the most advanced technology, Island Shop was the first Singapore Fashion Brand that brings Wrinkle-Resistant Technology. 85% of our apparels are made from natural fabrics. These fabrics include Linen, Tencel, Viscose, and Cotton. We bring nature closer to you.

Why sustainable fashion?
It is to ensure that the fashion supply chain, from farmers to consumers, are benefitting with fair trade.

Why do we love natural fabrics?
Natural Fabrics are sustainable. For example, Linen can endure 20 years of wear. Also, Linen is bio-degradable and moth resistant. In fact, linen gets stronger every wash.
Natural Fabrics tend to be softer as compared to synthetic fabrics. These fabrics might have a cruel impact on animals.
Island Shop focus more than 50% on linen clothing for its environmental friendliness as well as its comfort and durability. Furthermore, linen tends to dry faster than other fabrics.
Island Shop uses European Linen which is one of the highest qualities of linen in the world.
Linen is the material of the oldest dress in the world. Linen is made from flax plant where there is no additional water other than rainwater. Also, there are no pesticides used. Lastly, every single part of the plant is used to make our fashion apparels.
With Linen, the apparels are not stretchable, and it keeps its shape. Furthermore, it has bacteriological properties, a natural antiseptic that does not allow bacteria or fungus to live on it.
Another interesting fact about Linen, it can reduce inflammation. It was used as dressing for wounds in the past.

Find out more with these apparels today. Refer to our online product descriptions for the materials as well as visiting our store to find out more today.

For Businesses:
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Happening on 23 August to 25 August 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.
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