Our company background:
Young Matrix Pte Ltd was established in August of 2017, with a total staff strength of 8 people. Their business model is that they currently have around 120 vending machines in operation and they sell drinks, toys, keychains and clothes among others in the vending machines. Their vending machines are mostly located at shopping malls, heartland malls and under HDB flats.

Challenges we face:
With the growth of E-Commerce, having an official website and official accounts on social media pages would be deemed necessary in this era. However, without such information, customers and clients would not be able to find out about them. This will then decrease their satisfaction level and retention rate, especially if the information they wanted to find was crucial and needed for their work. Without an official website, Young Matrix would not be optimizing their brand exposure to the public too, and in turn, not optimizing their revenue generation.

With the creation of an official website, it would be much easier for business clients and customers to find out the information that they need. Once a customer takes interest in Young Matrix’s products and services, they would be able to arrive at their official website easily through the search engine and find the information that they need. With additional features too like a Contact Form for clients, Young Matrix’s has successfully resolved on of their main issues, as well as improved their operational processes.

Our company’s location: 
SINGAPORE (050531)